Hi guys!

We are all know how it's complicated to define average middle draft in rough weather. Especially when we are hanging on pilot ladder…

For such cases we can use Draught Tube - transparent tube with floating ball inside, which shows us the real water level due to connection with outside water through the small hole at the end down and from the depth of approximately 3 meters!

This appliance reduces the influence of the waves to the stable water level inside of tube.

Using Draught Tube you will be able:


The production is asbestos free in accordance with SOLAS ll-1, REGULATION 3-5 AND MSC.1/CIRC.1379.


Note: Guys, if you perform Draft Survey on the roads with big waves or swell, you can book Draft Tube 5 m length. Do not hesitate!

All your advice, ideas, and notes concerning Draught Tube and "Alexx" would be appreciated very much!

Just write to us on "CONTACT US" page and we'll give a reply to all your questions. Do not hesitate, guys!

I noted, that some surveyors try to use Draught Tube to read the vessel’s draft from a pilot ladder. In some cases, they do it by wrong way – especially, when the vessel has list to the sea-side board, where the pilot ladder is. Please see video left to know how to avoid the mistake in reading the draft from a pilot ladder: "Draft Survey - Common mistake, when we use Draft Tube."

When you use it with equipment "Alexx" - try to keep Draught Tube close to board of the vessel.

We accept big orders from large shipping companies.

Please note that the large Anglo-Eastern shipping company in Hong Kong has already purchased and equipped all of its bulkers with equipment "Alexx" (including Draught Tube). This indicates the real concern of the company's management about the SAFETY of their crews.

Cargo Officers can order a/m equipment via their company’s Purchasing Department:

Note: We leave our right to improve and change some details in the device.